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Tired of trying to find a convenient way to carry your tripod around during a match or maybe even on a hunting trip ? Fear no more…. The WCD MTCS (Modular Tripod Carrying System) does exactly that. This two piece system consists of an upper and lower mount that contains a rigid panel on the inside which attaches to the Molle webbing on your pack with 2 Malice clips. Each mount is constructed of Cordura 1000D fabric, a 1.5” nylon strap and a TLL-150 ladder lock buckle. This system makes carrying, securely storing and deploying your tripod simple and super fast. Each system works with all size tripods and comes with 4 Malice clips. 100% made in the USA.

Please Note: All systems are Multicam fabric with black webbing straps

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Additional information


Gray, Brown, Multi Cam, OD green, Blue, Red, Black


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