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Insite Arms

Insite Arms is a small custom precision rifle facility using state-of the-art CNC machinery and tooling – this ensures that we can provide individualized customer service to each one of our clients.  It is our guarantee to you that your purchase is going to the most precise and accurate rifle you own.

One of our Precision Rifles is a large investment. There are many quality factory rifles on the market today that offer excellent value for the cost. When you make the decision to purchase one of our rifle builds, you can be assured you are receiving a rifle that is built as if it were our own. We guarantee a 3/8″ moa on all our rifles* with match grade factory ammunition. If the rifle and component do not meet our standards, “Insite Arms” will not be engraved on that firearm.

* this guarantee assumes we have supplied all components or approved customer supplied components before initiating the project – this is done to ensure top-quality parts are used used with every Insite Arms Rifle.

Our Logo

Our Company Logo clearly depicts an eye. However, we know that there is so much more behind our simple black and white image. This eye was designed to signify the insight, knowledge, and training that was generously given to us by the late Mr. Robert Gradous. Since the inception of our company, we have benefitted from his encouragement, criticism, support & advice. We are extremely proud and fortunate to have been a part of his life and be able to have had him as a close friend.

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Our Guarantee

Investing in a precision rifle should be about more than just selecting the basic components of your firearm. Everything that Insite Arms builds is designed to be repeatable, consistent, and precise. We use only the best components combined with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and tooling technology to produce World-Class Rifles. 

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