Our Services

Our Services

Tactical & Precision Rifles

We have focused our business on precision tactical and hunting rifles. We periodically have 1 or 2 rifles near completion and available to ship.

We have focussed our business on custom rifle builds using our in-stock components. We are happy to use customer-supplied components however we urge you to speak with us on how this might possibly affect our 3/8 moa guarantee depending on certain choices in Barrels, Actions & Stocks.

Custom Build Pricing​

All of our Rifle components are on the site. Please Phone or Email for an accurate quote as for a specific build.

  • Misc. Gunsmith Pricing:
  • Chambering: Starting at $440
  • Cerakote ( 1 color ) starting at $300
  • Bedding Devcon Steel & custom cut pillars inc DBM Starting at $350
  • Muzzle Thread: $160 
  • Other Misc Services including:
  • Arca Rail Installation, Pic Rail Installation, Stock Inletting, Threading/Tapping & other custom modifications are done on a quote basis as many variables can affect shop labor time. Please Contact Us for any questions.
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