Armageddon Gear “THE BRICK” Grippy Rear Bag



Armageddon Gear introduces “THE BRICK,” a revolutionary rear shooting bag designed for optimal control and reduced fatigue. Featuring a robust “Grippy” rubberized texture, this gun bag locks your rifle stock firmly with the support surface for a rock-solid shooting position.

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Experience a whole new level of precision shooting with Armageddon Gear’s “THE BRICK.” This innovative Armageddon Gear Rear Bag showcases materials and construction never before seen in a rear shooting bag.

Crafted with a durable “Grippy” rubberized and textured material, it seizes both the rifle stock and support surface, locking them together to create a steadfast shooting position.

The bag’s under-strap panel is made of nylon, designed to allow the shooter’s hand to easily slide underneath when needed. The strap itself is crafted with overlapping Velcro-lined sections that make it versatile for attachment to a rifle stock, forend, tripod head, shooting sticks, pack, or wherever necessary.

This Armageddon Gear Shooting Bag stands out with its square cross-section, providing a flat face for maximum contact between the rifle stock and support surface. This guarantees a stable shooting position, regardless of the conditions.

THE BRICK is sized perfectly for in-hand fit, offering maximum control and reducing fatigue when compared to bags that are too wide or too narrow. No other bag matches this level of stability, adaptability, innovation, or customization.

Proudly manufactured by Armageddon Gear in specialized factories in the USA, THE BRICK is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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Armageddon Gear "THE BRICK" GRIPPY REAR BAGArmageddon Gear “THE BRICK” Grippy Rear Bag

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