Bix’n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO – X, SINGLE-Stage, TOP RIGHT Safety, w/ 90 DEGREE shoe


The TacSport PRO-X brings the Bix’n Andy Competition trigger feel to the TacSport family. These triggers go through extra CNC polishing and finishing that only the Competition series ($$$) had previously. This also makes for even a crisper breaking trigger than the previous TacSport Pros! The encapsulated housing provides the stainless steel internals protection from the harshest shooting conditions. The Pro-X is made for the shooters who wants to take their game to the next level. Whether its precision shooting, target shooting, or long range hunting, the Pro-X will help you conquer your shooting discipline to the highest degree. With built in over-travel it minimizes human error from influencing your gun during shot break.

Stand out features of this trigger include:

  • Precision Made in Austria
  • Precision finished Stainless steel Internals on the finest CNC
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Blue Anodized
  • Over-Travel built in
  • Super Smooth Break
  • Shoes installed from factory
  • Same enclosed rugged housing known to perform
  • Pull weight (3.5oz to 2.2lbs)
  • Single Stage or Two Stage
  • Right or Left Safety (with) removable
  • Removable Bolt Stop Release Included
  • Takes standard Bix’n Andy sears

“Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Bix’n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO – X Trigger: Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Wide Smooth Shoe” The Bix’n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO – X Trigger is designed to redefine your shooting precision and control. If you’re a shooter who demands the absolute best from your firearm, this trigger system is the ultimate solution. With a single-stage configuration, top left safety placement, and the unique Wide Smooth shoe, this trigger offers competitive shooters, long-range enthusiasts, and hunters an unmatched advantage. Precision Perfected: Every detail of the TacSport PRO – X Trigger has been meticulously engineered to ensure peak performance and consistency. When you’re aiming for perfection with every shot, this trigger will help you achieve it. Key Features: Single-Stage Excellence: The single-stage trigger design eliminates initial take-up, providing a crisp and consistent trigger break that enhances your shooting accuracy. Top Left Safety: The top left safety position ensures easy access to the safety mechanism while maintaining a comfortable shooting posture. It allows for quick engagement and disengagement, keeping you in control at all times. Wide Smooth Shoe: The Wide Smooth shoe is a distinctive feature that sets this trigger apart. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable and wide surface for your trigger finger, enhancing your control and confidence. Adjustable Pull Weight: Fine-tune the trigger’s pull weight to match your preferences and shooting style (3.5oz – 2.2lbs), ensuring a personalized shooting experience that maximizes accuracy and control. Why Choose the Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO – X Trigger? Enhanced Accuracy: The single-stage design and Wide Smooth shoe deliver a crisp, consistent trigger break that improves your shooting accuracy. Whether you’re competing, hunting, or enjoying recreational shooting, this trigger gives you the precision you need. Competitive Edge: Gain a significant competitive advantage with a trigger trusted by professional shooters worldwide. The TacSport PRO – X Trigger ensures you can make precise shots, even under pressure. Bix’n Andy Excellence: Bix’n Andy is renowned for precision and quality in the shooting world. Their triggers are synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and top-tier performance, making them a favorite among discerning shooters. Invest in Precision Shooting Excellence: Don’t settle for less when it comes to your shooting performance. Equip your Remington 700 with the Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO – X Trigger, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Wide Smooth Shoe today. This trigger system is a transformative upgrade that transforms your rifle into a precision instrument, consistently delivering precise shots. Whether you’re competing for championships, pursuing game in the wild, or simply enjoying the art of shooting, the TacSport PRO – X Trigger will redefine your shooting excellence. Make every shot count. Elevate your Remington 700 with the Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO – X Trigger, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Wide Smooth Shoe today, and experience the pinnacle of precision shooting. Join the ranks of satisfied shooters who have elevated their game with this exceptional trigger system. Order now and redefine your shooting excellence.


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Bix’n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO – X, SINGLE-Stage, TOP RIGHT Safety, w/ 90 DEGREE shoe

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