Insite Arms Barrel Tuner - For 1.125" Heathen 5/8x24 thread Black Nitride


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Barrel Tuners have solidified their place in the Benchrest and F-Class disciplines. Tuners are now being recognized as a valuable tool in when group size has potential for improvement especially when the shooter is limited to Factory Ammunition or a specific load or bullet selection.

The Insite Tuner will work with any of the 1.125″, 0.995″ & 0.885″ Heathen Brakes, without tools or gunsmith modification. The tuner does not touch the barrel or the brake body – only the lock collar/nut. The Tuner is supplied with a replacement “outside-threaded” locking collar / jam-nut for the muzzle brake. The set screws engage only a flat portion of the collar. Our design allows proper position of the crown flush with the rear wall of the first port. This avoids accuracy degrading turbulence which occur when shrouding the crown in a “tunnel” before gasses can discharge from the first port. The tuner can be removed and the Heathen brake run alone in just seconds if the Insite Tuner is not needed or required. The Heathen locking collar requires no tools – hand tight is nearly always sufficient especially on most custom rifles with true threads and square shoulders.



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