Insite Arms Loading Block 100 ct. Each Side Used for different Case Sizes- 2" THICK BLOCK


Milled from a solid 14″ x 2″ x 6″ piece of Aluminum, this Loading Block was designed with all the features we appreciate at the Loading Bench:

This Block can accommodate holes for cartridges on both sides Top and Bottom. This allows the block to be used for 2 different sized cartridges.

-100 rounds are spaced with ample room to insert and remove each case without disturbing adjacent brass – even with larger than average hands

-At approx. 7 pounds this block is solid and doesn’t move when bumped or jarred

– Includes a generous sized Bullet or Parts tray for convenience.

– The Finish of this Block is 2nd to None! If you appreciate precision and craftsmanship, the Design and Killer-Looks make it a focal point of your Gun Room.

Dimensions: 14″x 6″x 1″



Additional Information

Additional information

Cartridge Size

.223 / std. (.308 & .284 ), Std.(308 & .284 ) / Belted Magnum, WSM, Saum, Lapua-Norma / Enabler – Cheytac


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