Manners Composite Stocks EH-TK-A ( light- weight cheek piece ) Tikka inlet, Tikka DBM, Sendero Barrel Channel, RH, Elite Tac High Plains Camo

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This stock was designed for the long-range hunter. Depending on the inlet, the standard weight with a ½” decel pad is 26 to 28 ounces. The fore-end is 1.75” wide at the tip and rounded to a beaver tail that is flat and wide enough to accept a #7 / M24 barrel which is about 1.125″ diameter at the tip of the stock. The grip on the stock is more of a vertical, tactical style, longer than standard with a small palm swell and overall smaller grip than our MCS-T4 stock.

The bottom of the butt has a flat that is about ¾” wide and is true running with the sides of the stock. This allows it to ride very straight and true when using a rear bag.

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