WCD Wrist Coach: Walsh Custom Defence


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The WCD Wrist Coach was developed to provide shooters a useful and convenient way to display their DOPE during DMM/Field style matches, where collecting/writing data may be required. Also, shooters that utilize a wrist coach as their primary DOPE display during matches may like the different options that our wrist coach can provide. Our wrist coach is slightly form fitted and is provided with soft material on the back to provide a comfortable barrier when worn against bare skin. It attaches with one 2” elastic band. Each wrist coach is Velcro topped to accept the two provided dry erase boards or any other Velcro backed card that you may want to use. Dry erase marker or grease pencil can be used on the boards. The grease pencil works great in rainy conditions. We found that laminating our own DOPE card and running it next to a blank board during an unkown distance/milling stage worked great. The larger board works great when drawing a target/range card .

Purchase includes:

1 WCD Wrist Coach (4”x3”)

1- 4”x3” Dry Erase Board

1- 2”x3” Dry Erase Board

1- Dry Erase Marker

1- Grease Pencil



Additional Information

Additional information


Gray, Brown, Multi Cam, OD green, Black


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