Perfect riflescope with a reticle in the first focal plane for precise shooting at medium and long distances Optical design comprising of carefully selected ED glass provides excellent image quality and impressive light transmission, special anti-reflective coatings and illuminated central target point allow to fire an accurate shot even in low light conditions. Sleek and robust 34 mm tube provides with large range of reticle vertical adjustement reaching 300 cm. Open turrets are equipped with a ZeroLock mechanism which allows to set limit for elevation – usually after zeroing the riflescope at preferred shooting distance. The lock allows to make corrections only in elevation and prevents lowering the point of impact below the user-defined limit. Despite these advanced functionalities the rfilescope weighs only 1014 g and its length does not exceed 365 mm.

Reticles have been designed specifically to work in the first focal plane (FFP), maintaining permanent dimensions throughout the whole zoom range. Reticles LRD-1P, LRD-1T and DLR-1 are truly unique and dedicated to any and all ambitious shooters. These are milliradians reticles (MIL) and so any corrections can be applied using metric units (1 Mil = 100 mm @ 100 m). Reticles correspond with the click of the scope – 1-click equals 0.1 MIL (10 mm). All three reticles provide with maximum comfort of use and accuracy of the shot with proven great functionality throughout the whole zoom range (4.5-30x). One-of-a-kind design of the reticles allows for measuring the distance to an object of known size, as well as elevation and windage correction. The vertical adjustment range of each reticle reaches 300 cm, facilitating shots of any caliber, even at very long distances.

LRD-1P reticle
The center of the reticle is an illuminated 0.045 Mil target point with surrounding, well lighted markings that form the cross.

Click Adjustments: 0.1 Mil-Radian

Max Adjustment Range: 30 Mils Elevation, 15 Mils Windage

Tube Diameter: 34mm

Parallax Adjustment: Side Focus (23m – Infinite)

Turrets: ZeroLock

Reticle Position: First Focal Plane

Illuminated Reticle: Yes

Linear Field of View @ 1000m: 8.3 – 1.2 m

Exit Pupil: 8.8 – 1.9 mm

Eye Relief: 81 – 97 mm

Weight: 1014 g

Length: 400 mm

Nitrogen filling: Yes

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