Eley Force 22LR LRN 42 Grain 500/BRICK (10x50rnd)


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Eley Force 22LR LRN 42 Grain 500/Brick ( 10 boxes of 50ct)

Eley® Force .22LR 42 Grain LRN Ammunition. Knock-down power and accuracy for high-level competitive shooters!

Eley® Force Ammo uses an all-new propellant that accelerates the bullet to super-sonic velocities, providing maximum knock-down force. The black oxide case finish increases friction between the case and the projectile, helping to regulate and control the force required to release the bullet. This helps stabilize the projectile in flight, increasing ballistic consistency and accuracy… meaning it isn’t just powerful, it’s also accurate. Designed for high-level, competitive semi-auto shooters.

The details:

  • 42 grain lead round nose bullet
  • Firm hydrocarbon lubricant on the projectile reduces residue
  • Case is treated with black oxide, helping to increase friction between case and projectile for more stable flight and better accuracy
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,250 f.p.s.
  • Muzzle energy: 144 ft.-lbs.

Additional Information

Additional information


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