Gray Ops Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2

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Enhance your shooting stability with the Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2 from Gray Ops CNC, an optional add-on that increases recoil reduction and grip by adding 12 ounces of weight.

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The Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2 by Gray Ops CNC represents an optional but powerful upgrade for your Mini Plate V2. These weights, meticulously designed and crafted, offer the dual advantage of enhancing recoil reduction and improving grip, fundamentally refining your shooting experience.

These brass weights are defined by their “grippy” nature. With an additional 12 ounces of weight, they significantly amplify your recoil reduction capabilities, allowing for more precise and stable shooting. Moreover, these weights also add an extra level of grip, furthering control and stability during usage.

However, it’s important to note that these are the brass weights only. The Mini Plate V2, which these weights are designed to augment, needs to be purchased separately. When combined, though, they make for a potent combination that elevates your shooting performance.


  • Optional add-on for the Mini Plate V2
  • Made from high-quality brass
  • Adds 12 ounces for increased recoil reduction
  • Enhances grip for better control and stability

Note: The Mini Plate V2 must be purchased separately. Embrace a more controlled, stable shooting experience with the Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2.

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Gray Ops Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2Gray Ops Brass Weights for Mini Plate V2

Availability: In stock

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