The “Heathen” G2 5-Port Muzzle Brake


The Heathen Muzzle Brake was developed to provide the optimal balance between recoil management and muzzle blast while allowing the shooter to maintain sight picture and alignment with the target. The G2 Heathen has optimized specific features for competition and precision marksmen demanding the utmost in performance from a large bodied muzzle brake.

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The G2 Heathen was developed with the competition and long range shooter in mind. With the time-proven success of the original  Heathen Brake Design we have made changes to further improve performance in competition and large magnum rifle applications.

Integral grooves to mount the optional brass tuning weight:

The Brass Tuner is purchased separately and can be adjusted with the same principle as a traditional “tuner.” The concept of tuning the barrel harmonics is a proven concept and now an integral part of the G2.

The design goal of the Original Heathen succeeded to provide optimal recoil reduction, reduced ground disturbance, decreased muzzle jump and blast directed back at the shooter. We have taken the design of the G2 a step further with the following features compared to our original 5-Port 1.125″ Heathen Brake:

50% increase in 1st port volume

24 degree increase in upward angle cut-out of port window to reduce muzzle rise

12% increase in “floor” or bride area on the bottom of the brake to reduce blast downward causing ground and debris disturbance

Front wall of the 1st port is angled at 22 degrees to direct gasses slightly upward reducing muzzle rise while still maintaining a shielded area to avoid direct disturbance of the shooters line of sight and ability to see “trace.”

With the tuner installed, the total weight of the brake is 9.5OZ!  РONLY 1/2 OUNCE MORE THAN OUR ORIGINAL 5-PORT 1.125 HEATHEN



  • Developed by Insite Arms
  • 5 – Ports each of optimized size and angle for discharge of jetted gasses.
  • Thread Dimensions: 5/8″ x 24 , 3/4 x 24
  • Body diameter 1.250″, Nut diameter 1.250″ to fit up to 1.250 straight barrels
  • Caliber inscribed
  • 9.5 OZ with Brass Tuner installed
  • Machined from 416 Stainless Steel


Additional information

Caliber Designation

.308/30cal, .338, 22cal/.224, 6.5mm/.264, 6mm/.243, 7mm/.284, N/A

Thread Spec

5/8×24, 3/4×24

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The “Heathen” G2 5-Port Muzzle Brake

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