The “Heathen” Muzzle Brake


The Heathen Muzzle Brake was developed to provide the optimal balance between recoil management and muzzle blast while allowing the shooter to maintain sight picture and alignment with the target. The Heathen was specifically designed to produce minimal blast and disturbance directed toward the shooter and spotter reducing fatigue, ground debris disturbance and muzzle jump.

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The Hybrid utilizes a calibre-specific insert allowing the shooter to change the through-hole size to the desired calibre. Each Hybrid comes with a tool to change the insert. Additional inserts in various calibres are available in the drop-down list of brake options by selecting ‘thread Specification’:” NA”

This brake uses a knurled nut to allow the user to install and index the brake without tools. The Heathen is Liquid Nitride treated for an incredibly smooth, hard and wear-resistant finish.


  • Developed by Insite Arms
  • Thread Dimensions: 1/2×28,  5/8″ x 24 , 3/4 x 20, 3/4 x 24, 18×1
  • Body diameter 0.750 , 0.885 , 0.995  3-port & 4-port , 1.125
  • Caliber and Thread Specification inscribed
  • Small flat machined on the bottom face allowing the use of a level to index
  • Black liquid Nitride finish

Choosing the correct size brake diameter:

We have designed 3 different diameter Heathen brakes to fit your barrel properly:

Heathen AR 0.750
A scaled-down version of our original Heathen brake to fit lighter weight barrel profiles #2, #3, #4 for hunting rifles and various semi-auto rifles ie. AR10/AR15 / XCR / ACR

Heathen 0.885
This Heathen was made to fit medium-weight barrels such as those found on the Ruger Precision Rifle, Sako TRG, Remington Sendero. It best suits contours from medium Palma to MTU.

Heathen 0.995
This Brake is the original design that raised the standard for a brake that reduces recoil, muzzle jump and blast directed toward the shooter. It works very well contours from Heavy Palma to MTU & Heavy Varmint.

Heathen 0.995 – 4 Port
Identical to the Original Heathen with the addition of an extra port making the Heathen even more effective!

Heathen 1.125″
This 5-Port Monster is built to tame the large magnums as well as the smaller competition rifles with large diameter barrels up to Straight 1.250″ barrels

Additional information

Caliber Designation

.308/30cal, .338, 22cal/.224, 6.5mm/.264, 6mm/.243, 7mm/.284, N/A

Thread Specification & Body

1/2×28 0.750 dia, 18×1 (metric) 0.995 4-Port, 18×1 (metric) 0.995 dia, 18×1.5 0.995" dia, 3/4×20 0.995" 4-Port, 3/4×20 1.125" 5-Port, 3/4×24 0.995 dia, 3/4×24 0.995 dia 4-Port, 3/4×24 1.125" 5-Port, 5/8×24 0.885 dia, 5/8×24 0.995 4-Port, 5/8×24 0.995 dia, 5/8×24 0.995 dia 3-Port, 5/8×24 1.125" 5-Port, 9/16×32 0.750 dia


Original Heathen, Heathen Hybrid, hybrid "INSERT" only, insert "TOOL" only

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