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  • Gray Ops LabRadar ARCA

    Gray Ops LabRadar ARCA

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    • Give your Labradar a 4-way directional Arca mount that will not wiggle loose due to its anti-rotate design


    • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
    • Orange Anodizing for looks and protection
    • 4 side dovetail design allows for mounting in the 90, 180, 270, 360 degree directions
    • Fits any standard arca swiss tripod attachment
    • Stainless Steel 1/4-20 captive screw included


  • Short Action Precision ( SAP ) Run n’ Gun Bag

    $79.99 Select options

    The SAP Run n’ Gun bag is a lightweight bag that really does it all! Use it as a conventional rear bag, or strap it to your rifle for improvised positional shooting.

    Lightweight – Only 6.5 oz!
    Perfect size for easy carry
    Dimensions 7″ x 4.5″ x 3″
    Low, Mid, and High Position
    Strap to loop around rifle with QD Buckle
    Tether for adding a sling swivel or flush cup swivel
    Rubber skin on bottom for grip
    1000 Denier Cordura material
    Double wall construction for durability
    Available in Coyote, Multicam, OD, Black, Kryptek highlander, Kryptek Typhoon, ATACS AU & ATACS FG
    Made in USA

  • Short Action Precision ( SAP ) Two Round .223 Holder

    Short Action Precision ( SAP ) Two Round MAGNUM Holder

    $16.99 Select options

    NEW Magnum cartridge size! Hold an extra two rounds right where you need them in a pinch with the SAP Magnum Two Rounder! This two round holder attaches with Velcro to side of rifle near ejection port. This little guy has saved my bacon on that one last shot more times than I can remember!

    Don’t know which Two Rounder for your round?

    Measure the case and compare to the specs here.

    Important! You must clean the stock with a good quality rubbing alcohol (91% preferred) and let that dry completely to prepare the surface for proper adhesion of the supplied industrial strength Velcro piece!

    • Fits 6.5 SAUM, 7 SAUM, .338 Lapua, and most Mag/Ultramag cartridges
    • Other cartridges just measure case OD
    • Will take cartridges .550″ / 14mm up to .80″ / 20mm
    • Based on a Case OD of .587″ / 14.91mm
  • Sale!

    Lapua 4PH7098: 300 PRC Lapua Cases 100/Box

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    Product Description

    The Laupa 300 PRC Brass is an excellent reloading option for hunters, competition shooters, or anyone with a desire for the utmost accuracy. For the first time since the PRC’s inception, Lapua 300 unprimed brass is now available.

    This is not loaded ammunition.

  • Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket

    $44.99 Select options

    Protect your weather meter with the Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket.

  • Armageddon Gear 10-round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch

    $64.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear 10-Round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch securely holds your rifle magazine on either PALS webbing or any belt up to 2 inches in width.

  • L3I Universal 700 platform Rimfire Magazine – Vudoo Gun Works

    $99.00 Read more

    Introducing our universal rimfire magazine!  It is the culmination of 2 years of research and development into rimfire magazines.  This magazine incorporates all the features of our B14r magazine but is optimized to function in the other Rem 700 based 22lr trainers.  It provides the extra capacity (14) that competition shooters want and the adjustability needed to tune feeding in a variety of chassis/stock configurations.

  • Fix It Sticks Single Bits

    $3.99 Select options

    1″ Long, 1/4″ Bits.  Electroless Nickel Finish




    Armageddon Gear Mini Plate Game Changer “Brassierre”

    $37.99 Select options

    The Mini Plate Pro Gamechanger Bra is the perfect way to connect your Armageddon Gear Shmedium or similar size bag to the Mini Plate Pro or V2 Plate.

  • MPA Brass Catcher

    $219.99 Read more

    Tired of losing brass at your PRS, NRL or Club/Regional Series event? The MPA Brass Catcher is designed for you….

    Attaches via the scope base pic rail on your bolt gun. The wire frame that holds the pouch is adjustable “front to back”and “up and down.”

    Subtle adjustments can also be made to the wire frame to get the exact fit you want.

    The hinge will position the brass catcher closed (up against the ejection port) or open (90 degrees to the ejection port) for easy removal of the brass after your stage.

    Holds 15+ pieces of full size short action caliber brass (308, 6.5 & 6mm Creedmoor, etc) or more of smaller brass types such as 6BR, 6BRA, Dasher, etc.

    Works only with short action cartridges.

  • Tab Gear BS: Barrel Sleeve

    $74.99 Select options

    Padded barrel sleever for all of you with either the new Accuracy International AXMC or the AT, or for those of us with extra barrels that are looking for a storage solution to keeps the barrels safe and skuff free.

    36.5 inches long with fold over top to keep the barrel from sliding out.

    2.75 inches wide.

    Folage Green (grey) 29.5 inches long

  • Sale! Gray Ops Double Arca - Mini Plate Tac Table Adapter

    Gray Ops Double Arca – Mini Plate Tac Table Adapter

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    Revolutionize your hunting and competition shooting with the Gray Ops Double Arca – Mini Plate Tac Table Adapter, a tool designed to convert any Mini Plate or Mini Plate PRO into a universal tripod tac-table.

  • Lapua 4PH6011: Lapua Brass 6.5 Creedmoor Large Rifle Primer Box- Unprimed 100/Box

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    We are happy to announce the addition of the 6.5 Creedmoor case to the Lapua line! Despite a relatively short time on the marketplace, the 6.5 Creedmoor has made a tremendous splash in the field, rapidly becoming one of the most requested cases we hear about from shooters.

    Lapua’s 6.5 Creedmoor is designed to function in a short action, which is also a plus for hunters, vitally concerned with the rifle’s weight and compactness. In fact, many of the same features which make for a successful competition cartridge, translate nicely to the hunting fields as well.

    For most species of mid-size game such as deer or boar, the Creedmoor will prove to be a deadly performer. And while the selection of high grade Match bullets in the 6.5 bore size is tremendous, there’s no shortage of exceptionally good hunting bullets either. The 6.5’s as a group have always been known as excellent performers on game.

    Made with Lapua’s typical dedication to precision, our new 6.5 Creedmoor case has been refined just a bit, to make it an even better performer. We’ve opted for the small rifle primer, which normally produces an optimized ignition and better accuracy than large primers in mid-sized cartridges like the Creedmoor.

    We’ve also incorporated our smaller diameter flash hole (1.5mm, rather than the industry standard 2.0mm), which has proven to provide enhanced accuracy, and is used in a number of our other accuracy oriented cases. In this respect, the new 6.5 Creedmoor joins the ranks of our other dedicated accuracy cartridges such as the .220 Russian (6mm PPC), the 6mm BR Norma, the 6.5×47 Lapua and the .308 Win. Palma cases.

    And naturally, the new 6.5 Creedmoor will be made with our well known Passion for Precision. Strictest control over the metallurgy, the forming and drawing processes, precise annealing all performed under the watchful eyes of our production experts. For you, the handloader, that means the durability for which our cases are famous, combined with consistency and long life. Already proven in competition, we predict that the 6.5 Creedmoor will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

  • Short Action Precision ( SAP ) .22 Magazine Holder OD Green

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    Hold an extra .22 magazine like our famous two rounder right where you need them in a pinch with the SAP .22 Magazine Holder! This little mag holder attaches with Velcro to side of rifle near ejection port. Now you can have easy and quick mag access for your .22 bolt rifles!

    • Sized for CZ455 10 round magazines
    • Perfect for trainers
  • Fix It Sticks Bubble Level Set

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    Level your optics with machined aluminum levels, featuring precise UK-sourced bubble vials

    Kit includes:

    • Magnetic level
    • NATO/Pic rail level/anti-cant device
    • Protective foam carrier with pouch


  • Short Action Precision ( SAP ) Lightweight Bag

    Short Action Precision ( SAP ) Lightweight Bag

    $64.99 Select options

    The SAP Lightweight bag is a straightforward rear bag that won’t weigh you down! Use it as your conventional rear bag for tactical shooting or hunting. Lots of versatility with a low, medium, and high shooting position from this little bag! Just tether it to your butt stock, and get out there in the field!

    Ultra Lightweight – Only 5 oz!
    Perfect size for easy carry
    Dimensions 7″ x 4.5″ x 3″
    Tether for adding a sling swivel or flush cup swivel
    1000 Denier Cordura material
    Double wall construction for durability
    Available in Coyote, Multicam, OD, Black, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhoon, ATACS AU, and ATACS FG
    Made in USA

  • Fix It Sticks 700 Bolt Opener

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    Access your Remington 700 firing pin quickly and easily in the field with our compact custom bit.

    Remington Bolt Opener

    Levers the firing pin head with a “bottle opener” action
    Molded synthetic polymer bushing protects bolt plug from damage
    Metal ¼” Hex Base allows it to work with any ¼” driver
    Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks T-Handle Drivers.
    NOTE: Fix It Sticks/T-handle Not Included

  • LAPUA .300 Norma Magnum Reloading Cases

    $394.99 Read more

    100 cases
    New brass in 2018 by Lapua – the .300 Norma Magnum case
    A recent development based on the .338 Norma Magnum necked down to .30 caliber, the .300 Norma Magnum was adopted as the US military’s Advanced Sniper Cartridge “for extra long ranges beyond 1 500 meters”. In addition to its military duties, the .300 Norma brass is sure to find favor with Long Range competitive shooters and hunters.

  • Sale!

    MasterPiece Arms BA Comp Chassis – MPA Rem 700 Short / Long

    $1,299.00$1,397.00 Select options
    • This chassis will fit Remington 700, Defiance Deviant, Bighorn TL3, Surgeon 591, Curtis Custom, and Impact Precision Short Actions.
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