AG Composites

Ag Composites is a reliable and responsive brand that aims to create complex products using composite materials. The brand serves consumers that demand strong and light stocks.

As opposed to other companies, Ag composites manufactures stocks using Solidworks software. The system then helps create Computer Aided Designs (CAD) of different stocks. This modeling technique ensures that each stock produced is compatible with famous bottom metals and barrel contours.

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AG Composites

Ag Composites uses carbon fiber, paint products, and epoxy to produce premium-quality stocks. Carbon fiber provides high performance and also helps increase the strength of a stock.

In addition, Ag Composites uses efficient, cost-controlling, and consistent manufacturing techniques to produce high-precision stocks. Automation helps to deliver high-quality products that can easily be bedded to achieve accuracy.

AG Composites have stocks with user-friendly settings and also exhibit stiff and lightweight structures. In addition, they can withstand different environmental factors making their performance predictable for decades.

Ag Composites Products

With so much to offer, Ag Composites features a variety of rifle stocks. For example, the AG Alpine Hunter is made of 100% carbon fiber and comes with aluminum pillars and CNC machines barrel channel.

Moreover, this stock is super durable and rigid that is available in many camo and color options. AG Alpine Hunter has a reasonable price and is one of the most popular items of the company.

Among the best rifle stocks, you can also find the AG Adjustable Hunter. So, what makes this stock unique?

The stock has an attractive design and features excellent durability. Besides, its average weight and length complement each other, thus making the item extremely user-friendly.

Ag Composites online shop also has eight additional awesome stocks. For instance, the AG Sportsman is a well-crafted right-handed stock. It has an overall length of 30.8 inches and weighs 27 ounces only.

In addition, the AG Chalk Branch measures 31 inches in length and has a weight of 31 ounces. It also has an adjustable cheek riser.

AG Privateer is another lightweight stock that weighs 25 ounces. It controls the extensive structure of a rifle and is designed for users who crave quality with class.

The AG Gladius stocks are a little heavier than most stocks at AG composite, but they measure 30.9 inches in length and have an adequate width of 2.375 inches.

Most of the stocks use Weatherby barrels which makes them perfect to deliver excellent performance. The good thing about these stocks is that they are already tested to fit different bottom metals, barrel hardware, and actions. It is to ensure that no product fails to deliver its expected performance.

Ag Composites also provides support services to its users. For example, you can contact the helpline whenever you can and share your queries before buying a stock.

Additionally, you can also read a review on a certain stock before spending your money. The website features a section that displays different authentic customer reviews that might help you decide. You can also visit the brand’s social media pages to know more.

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