Vudoo Gun Works

Vudoo Gun Works is a family-owned and small business that aims to produce only the best hunting and shooting products. The founders of the company have a long experience in these fields and so they have put all their skills and knowledge in the products offered by Vudoo Gun Works.


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Vudoo Gun Works

This brand sells a variety of rifles, actions, stocks and many other accessories that you may require to enhance your shooting experience. The company believes in excellent customer service which makes them easy to acquire new customers.

Vudoo Gun Works Products

So, what will you find at Vudoo Gun Works? In the category of rifles, you will come across a lot of options. For instance, the Apparition Rifle is a purpose-built target rifle that features rimfire repeater action. Moreover, the actions have only controlled round feed.

The Apparition has Vudoo chamber barrel lengths of 6.6”, 18”, 20”, or 22″. In addition, the rifle uses a Timney 510V2 trigger. This product has a graphite black finishing and weighs between 9 to 12 pounds depending on different models.

You can also find the Vudoo Gun Works Single Shot Rifles. These products feature the finest rimfire actions with a stainless steel spin polished finishing. You can also purchase different single-shot stocks such as Macmillan Edge or GrayBoe SS to go with a single-shot rifle of your choice.

The brand’s v 22 Barreled actions are also quite popular. These actions are manufactured with precision and come with single-point rifle barrels.

With each action, you can get one magazine, threaded muzzle brake, solid one-piece bolt, bolt knobs, trigger pins, integral recoil lug and rails in different sizes.

The V 22 rimfire action is a true rimfire receiver that can easily fit a Rem 700. It also comes with top-quality bottom metal and has a unique controlled feed protocol. The action exhibits excellent quality and is one of the best products manufactured by the brand.

What’s more? Vudoo Gun Works also sells some branded stocks. For instance, you can purchase the Foundation Exodus and Foundation Revelation on the brand’s website.

There are also an array of different accessories available for sale. From top-quality muzzle brakes to well-designed ammo cases and magazines, you will find all your shooting accessories under one roof.

Interestingly, Vudoo Gun Works also makes many essential tools. For instance, to increase the performance of your rimfire action, you can purchase bolt assembling tools, Fix it Sticks or action wrenches. You can also find a bunch of bolt knobs available in large, medium and small sizes.

For your newly-bought rifle, Vudoo Gun Works also sells cases so you can keep it safe for long.

Vudoo Gun Works take pride in its pricing that is quite consumer-friendly. Each product’s price reflects its making and reliability.

If you are a fan of the brand and appreciate its products, you can also buy and flaunt hoodies, flag patches and hats with the brand’s logo. All these pieces are made of top-quality materials and feature solid stitching.

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