Hardy Rifle

Entirely veteran-owned, Hardy Rifle was founded in 2006 by a person named Dan Hardy. Dan served in the military then but later in 2007 left his job to put all his focus and energies on this brand.


Hardy Rifle

Since then, Hardy Rifle has produced revolutionary equipment, including top-quality rifles, excellent muzzle brakes, suppressors, and match grade barrels. The company believes in leading from the front with excellent quality and relentless innovation.

Hardy Rifle believes in providing a superior shooting experience to the end user so that every shooter comes back for more.

Hardy Rifle Products

There are many different items that you can purchase from the brand’s online store. For instance, The Hybrid is a switch barrel rifle that aims to provide ultimate results.

This rifle is multi-caliber that can help you dominate in any field. It is made of high-tech materials and design, which makes the rifle adaptable. In addition, the rifle has military-grade technology that guarantees flawless operation and performance every time.

Hardy Rifle sells amazing firearms such as the newly-launched Project X. The rifle comes with solid bolt heads and uses excellent stock. This product is reasonably priced and offers a performance that meets the brand’s high standards.

The brand also sells different other high-performing rifles on its website. For example, the Tikka Custom 7MM Saum comes with a lightweight bold handle and utilizes a carbon fiber stock. As a result, it can support any shot quite conveniently.

Moreover, the Tikka KRG 300 WSM features solid metalwork, a barrel wrapped with carbon fiber, and KRG Xray stock for primary extraction.

Hardy Rifle also sells barrels, stocks, suppressors, muzzle brakes, and other shooting accessories. In addition, you can find both carbon and stainless barrels that all hunters and PRS shooters can easily use.

What’s more, the brand sells centerfire suppressors such as the Stealth Suppressor. This is the quietest suppressor available and is quite superior when it comes to its decibel reduction.

The Magnum Suppressor is no less. It comes with a five-year warranty and is one of the most durable items on the brand’s product portfolio.

Hardy Rifle also sells different accessories and parts that can help improve your shooting. For example, there are different bipods available. Moreover, you can also purchase spacers and magazines of different kinds and prices.

Interestingly, hardy Rifle also has a category with the name Paint Packages. You can use this service to get your rifle coated by the brand. Hardy Rifle uses high-tech ceramic paints to coat bottom metals, barrels, muzzle brakes, and bolt handles.

Finally, the brand offers a range of rear bags. The Sabre Rear Shooting Bag V1 features a beautiful design that features a carabiner and a strap. The bag is tactically crafted with solid and durable materials so that you can use this accessory for a long time.

Similarly, the Sabre Barricade Bag V1 also has an excellent shape and weighs only 2kg. Moreover, its design and material can easily store lots of accessories at one time.

Hardy Rifle is a brand that serves all shooting enthusiasts. It offers high-standard products that you may not find anywhere else.

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