TAB Gear

Tab Gear proudly manufactures top-quality nylon items for a large shooting community. This is a family-owned business that was founded in the year 2005.

According to the brand’s owners, regardless of your skill levels as a shooter or hunter, you need comfortable and high-quality gear to enhance your shooting experience. Gear failure is a critical problem that most brands don’t take seriously. But at Tab Gear, this issue is taken care of without compromising the quality of raw materials and exceptional craftsmanship.


TAB Gear

So, what products does Tab Gear manufacture? The brand focuses on a variety of items. For instance, you can find an array of bags, accessories, slings, tools, and shooting mats.

Tab Gear has many Fill bags and pouches with variable dimensions.

The Tab Gear rear bag is available in different styles and colors. It has a rectangular shape that gives you many height variations. You can use the long side, flat side, and short side of the bag, comfortably. Moreover, you can choose between heavy and light weight bags according to your ease.

All the classic rear bags come with features that enhance usability and adaptability. You can also use these bags as your front support.

Some bags such as the Str8Laced rear bag features webbing straps making it comfortable to carry around. This solid bag weighs only 7 ounces and comes with various deployment options.

Tab Gear also sells high-quality pouches and packs. For example, two types of Simple Pouch come with efficient elastic locking zippers and enough space to keep all your belongings in one place. You can find these pouches in many colors and patterns.

The Six Pack by TaB Gear is also one of the most appreciated items. The pack is made of durable materials, has exceptional stitching, and can easily store all your hard shooting tools.

This brand makes sure that every shooter or hunter gets all his essentials from under one roof. So, if you want an ammo carrier or a bullet binder, you can get one from Tab Gear. The bullet binder helps to keep all the rounds in one place without one bullet touching another.

You can purchase both Long Action binder and Short Action binder that feature well-stitched shell loops. The exterior of these binders is made of vinyl and Cordura that support their shape for a long time.

The Silent Ammo Carrier by Tab Gear is ideal for carrying all your ammo and is a perfect alternative to bulky and noisy boxes.

A good search on the brand’s website will also help you find the best slings, rifle covers, and belts for your use. Tab Gear also sells accessories such as tripod slings, Tac-straps, arm bends, and barrel sleeves.

If you are into data book covers or shoulder pads, the brand’s online store will be more than happy to cater to your needs.

Tab Gear has its Facebook and Instagram pages. If you want to learn about the brand, you can also check the YouTube channel that features unique content. Moreover, for any customer service support , you can contact on the brand’s valid email address and communicate your problem.

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