Surgeon Rifles

Surgeon Rifles manufactures products for competitive shooters, military and law enforcement enthusiasts. This brand designs surgical precision bolt-action rifles, unique actions, and a lot of different accessories.

With the help of fellow shooters input, the makers at Surgeon Rifles make top-quality surgeon actions that enhance all kinds of shooting experiences.


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Surgeon Rifles

Every manufacturer at Surgeon Rifles makes sure that the brand makes competitive Surgeon Actions only. To create an accurate system, every action is paired with compatible stock, barrel, and trigger.

First, a rifle builder manufactures barrel blanks and uses different techniques to convert them into bolt-action systems. Then after threading, crowning, and chambering, all barrel actions are carefully coated. A qualified surgeon coats all the rifles and their necessary components before bedding them to stocks.

Once all the rifles are properly assembled, each item goes through a series of tests to ensure that the final products exhibit expected accuracy.

Surgeon Rifles is a subsidiary of Strategic Armory Corps which was founded in 2011. Strategic Armory Corps uses the skills and expertise of personnel and advanced technology that helps the brand to deliver high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Surgeon Rifles Products

Surgeon Rifles deals with an array of items. For instance, you can find the best rifles, actions, custom rifles, accessories, and apparel, all under one roof. In the category of rifles, there are two sniper rifles available for sale.

The Concealable Sniper Rifle is built specifically for people working in Law Enforcement. It features a short action, stainless barrel, and has a Cerakote finish.

There is also a Precision Sniper Rifle. This is a custom-designed rifle that utilizes a 1581XL action and has an Accuracy International AXAICS stock. The rifle has a TriggerTech Adjustable trigger and a Cerakote finish.

Moreover, the in-stock rifles can be built according to your demand.

There are many options for you to choose from. For instance, the SCALPEL 591R has a 26-inch barrel length and uses Thread &Cap muzzle device. You can also get a 591RSARH65CM rifle with a 24-inch barrel length that utilizes the APA LIL Bastard as the muzzle device.

Surgeon Rifles sells three different types of actions. You can learn more about them on the brand’s website, but here is a short summary. Each action has an appropriate recoil lug and features a sufficient barrel diameter. In addition, there are both short and long actions that are sold with bolt knobs and shipped uncoated.

Other than rifles and actions, Surgeon Rifles also sells various parts and accessories. If you have come across the brand’s ads on Facebook, you will know that Surgeon Rifles manufactures many Firing pin kits and Bolt kits.

In addition, you can also find bottom metals for both short and long action. Some compatible knobs and extractor kits work as efficient necessary parts for your rifle and help enhance your shooting experience.

If you are a fan of Surgeon Rifles, you can also buy different t-shirts available on the brand’s online store. There are also patches with Surgeon Rifles’ logo for you to keep.

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