Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision aims to provide high-quality and well-machined rifle components. The ultra light design of most items complements different lightweight rifles so you can enjoy a smooth hunting experience.


Hawkins Precision

The brand is customer-driven and focuses on providing quality products only. The Hawkins precision scope rings and muzzle brakes positively represent the makers’ aim to achieve quality and precision. Moreover, the brand also offers custom design, photocopying, and manufacturing of various rifle components.

Hawkins Precision has a team of highly qualified and professional manufacturers that are also experienced hunters and competitive shooters. These abilities help them to create products that deliver high standards and performance.

Hawkins Precision Products

As stated above, Hawkins Precision produces a range of products. For instance, there are fully machined rings, recoil muzzle brakes, thread protectors, action screws, and Picatinny rails. Each product is corrosion resistant, has a rigid structure, and lives up to the brand’s high standards.

The light tactical scope rings are made of a single billet and are highly corrosion resistant with a black anodized finish. In addition, the ultra light tactical scope rings deliver good grip and extra strength, thanks to the recoil lug and aluminum clamp.

Here’s a good thing about these scope rings. The ultra light design frees the hunters from carrying unnecessary bulk. And that’s what all shooters want.

All Hawkins precision fully machined rings feature an anti cant level cap. Moreover, they are available in three sizes, 35mm, 34mm, and finally, the lowest one, 30mm.

You can also find Long-range hybrid rings, Heavy tactical one-piece scope mounts, and Heavy tactical scope rings within the brand’s product portfolio. All the products are robust and designed for specific users in mind.

In addition to rings, there are different types of muzzle brakes. While Ported muzzle brakes are perfect for hunting and competition rifles, the Tank ST muzzle brake helps to reduce recoil. Ported muzzle brakes are pretty compatible with all standard barrel contours.

Hawkins Precision also has different bottom metals available for sale. For instance, the M5 Detachable Box Magazine bottom metal is designed for precision shooters. On the flip side, the Oberndorf bottom metals are quite lightweight and compliment long-range rifles.

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is an ideal component for hunting rifles. You can use this magazine in your Hunter DBM without compromising on the space required for additional calibers.

This magazine features a flush design that doesn’t brush or snag. In addition, with this magazine, you can easily unload or load your rifle.

You can also find many components and tools manufactured by this brand. For example, there are many thread protectors available in different sizes. In addition, the stainless action screws deliver immense durability and reduce thread friction.

Interestingly, the services of Hawkins Precision are not limited to manufacturing their own products. This brand also excels in producing custom components for rifle manufacturers, gunsmiths, and different companies that produce precision rifle accessories.

Hawkins Precision believes in alleviating the performance of their products with well-manufactured tools, exceptional skills and knowledge of the makers, and top-quality materials.

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