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Armageddon Gear is a leading American brand that embodies the spirit of ruggedness, efficiency, and innovation in every product. Founded by Special Operations Soldiers and patriots, Armageddon Gear designs and manufactures products that stand the test of time, using American materials and craftsmanship. Armageddon Gear ensures you get gear that won’t let you down, whether at the range or in the field.

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  • Armageddon Gear Squishy Rear Bag

    Armageddon Gear Squishy Rear Bag

    $69.99 Select options

    Experience versatility like never before with the Armageddon Gear Squishy Rear Bag. This innovatively designed gun bag ensures maximum conformance and complete contact with the rifle stock for an unmatched shooting experience.

  • Armageddon Gear Fat Bags

    Armageddon Gear Fat Bag

    $114.95$229.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear Fat Bag is an ultralight and versatile solution to a rifleman’s need for weapon and body support in the field and on the range. This gun bag features a Cordura nylon outer shell filled with airweight beads and dual elastic straps that fasten with Milspec hook and loop.

  • Armageddon Gear “OG” Optimized Game Changer (Cordura Nylon)

    $169.99 Read more

    The Armageddon Gear Game Changer OG Bag, made with Cordura Nylon, offers versatile and effective firearm stability for various shooting positions.

  • Armageddon Gear Competition Data Armband

    Armageddon Gear Competition Data Armband Kit

    $49.99 Add to cart

    The Armageddon Gear Competition Data Armband Kit is a rugged and field-ready wearable note board that allows the shooter to quickly write notes in the field.


    Armageddon Gear SHMEDIUM MID-SIZE GAMECHANGER – Waxed Canvas Heavy Fill

    $149.99 Select options

    This bag is so good that the only excuse you’re going to have for a miss is a bad wind call. Just when you thought the Game Changer couldn’t get any better we have gone and done it with the new Waxed Canvas Shmedium model. It earns its name because the size is right between our legendary Pint-sized and OG bags, but the shot groups are tighter. If stability offered by Reasor Precision’s previous designs has changed your game, then you will love the support offered by the heavy fill and size combination of the Shmedium. Mobility is also enhanced with the new handle configurations making for more efficient transitions of this sturdy shooting bag. Plus, we have incorporated a new folded access pocket so you can adjust the heavy fill material to your preferred volume level. While some may say that the weight is impractical, Pro shooters will tell you that there is nothing more practical than getting impacts! If you want to turn your barricade shooting into bench-like results then try the Shmedium Game Changer from your friends in all things precision.

  • Armageddon Gear Pint-Sized Game Changer – Waxed Canvas

    $139.99 Select options

    Discover the innovative Armageddon Gear Game Changer Bag in a Pint Sized version, offering precision shooters enhanced stability and accuracy with less bulk, perfect for versatile support in any shooting situation.

  • Armageddon Gear Shmedium Mid-Size Game Changer (Waxed Canvas) Standard Fill

    $149.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear Shmedium Game Changer Bag, made with waxed canvas, provides excellent stability and support for improved shooting accuracy.

  • Cheeky Bastard

    Armageddon Gear Cheeky Bastard VELCRO ADHESIVE ATTACH

    $46.99 Select options

    Discover the Armageddon Cheeky Bastard, your go-to solution for comfort and customization when you’re up close and personal with your scope’s eyebox. Lightweight, cleverly designed, and adjustable for all head sizes.

  • Armageddon Gear “OG” Optimized Game Changer (Waxed Canvas)

    $174.99$179.99 Select options
    The Armageddon Gear Game Changer OG Bag, featuring a waxed canvas fabric, gives shooters a versatile and effective solution for firearm stability during uncomfortable shooting positions.


  • Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling

    $134.99$144.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling now with bungee webbing for enhanced comfort and kick-ass looks! This simple and intuitive design is made in the USA with rugged and durable construction. Ideal for assault and sniper rifle use.

  • Armageddon Gear Gamechanger Pint-Sized Bead Fill

    $139.99 Select options
    Bigger is better right? Actually through research and development we discovered that more mass equals more stability when paired with a pliable textile such as our exclusive waxed canvas. We have created the newest tool for your precision toolkit that requires less bulk and volume to achieve those game-changing results that you expect. This is not just a scaled down version of Reasor Precision’s iconic shooting bag, rather the perfect blend of size and weight with new innovative fill technology extensively tested to deliver more hits on target. Ideal for rifles with the balance point somewhere between the magazine well and bipod for use as the patent-pending “Grasping Front Support” utility or used at the butt stock for a versatile rear bag to go from 1 inch to over 6 inches of vertical adjustment for any situation. We weren’t sure that we could apply any more science to shooting bags, but we combined our superior geometry with advancements in micro fills to deliver a new solution for adventure competitors, hunters, and marksmen that want to do more with less. Why do we call it the “Pint-sized Game Changer®”? Well, you know we like beer – so grab a pint and cheers to setting new standards for precision!
    Dimensions: 7”L x 4.5”w x 5”T
    Weight: (Sand Fill) 5 lbs.
    Weight: (Standard Bead Fill) 3 lbs.
    Weight: (Git-Lite Fill) 1.2 lbs.
    Durable Waxed Canvas
    Fully sewn with single nylon handle
    Proudly made in the USA
    US Patent No. 10,048,034 and 10,466,007
  • Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket

    $44.99 Select options

    Protect your weather meter with the Armageddon Gear Kestrel Pocket.


    Armageddon Gear X-Wing Large Enhanced Rear Bag – Large – Waxed Canvas – Nylon Loop

    $64.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear X-Wing Enhanced Rear Bag gives shooters optimal control and reduced fatigue, designed to perfectly fit in-hand. This Armageddon Gear Rear Bag is crafted from waxed canvas for an unparalleled feel, promising maximum durability and an enhanced shooting experience.

  • Armageddon Gear Sticky OG Game Changer

    $229.99 Add to cart

    Elevate your shooting stability with the Armageddon Gear Game Changer Bag, featuring a combination of waxed canvas and innovative sticky textile for superior support and friction ​​in both OG and Pint-sized configurations.

  • Armageddon Gear 10-round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch

    $64.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear 10-Round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch securely holds your rifle magazine on either PALS webbing or any belt up to 2 inches in width.


    Armageddon Gear Mini Plate Game Changer “Brassierre”

    $37.99 Select options

    The Mini Plate Pro Gamechanger Bra is the perfect way to connect your Armageddon Gear Shmedium or similar size bag to the Mini Plate Pro or V2 Plate.

  • Armageddon Gear Cheeky Bastard Webbing Attach

    Armageddon Gear Cheeky Bastard Webbing Attach

    $59.99 Select options

    Clever? Yep. Lightweight? Yep. Stuffed with padding? You know it. Modular in design to accommodate tiny heads or humongous domes? Aww yeah. The Cheeky Bastard provides a simple way to put your face all up in that eyebox. Available in two versions; one with a single layer of padding and an adhesive-backed loop fastener for more permanent installation on an adjustable-cheek piece chassis or stock and a strap-on version for use on fixed-cheek stocks. The strap-on version comes with two stackable velcro-lined padded inserts for additional cheek height when using taller rings. Covered in light airy mesh for comfort and airflow, it’ll keep you on the gun all day.

  • Armageddon Gear X WING Enhanced Rear Bag Webbing Loop

    Armageddon Gear X-Wing Enhanced Rear Bag – Nylon – Webbing Loop

    $53.99 Select options

    The Armageddon Gear X-Wing Enhanced Nylon Rear Bag provides superior control and minimal fatigue. This ergonomic gun bag, designed for an ideal in-hand fit, is crafted from rugged Cordura Nylon, promising the ultimate in durability and comfort.

  • Sale!

    Armageddon Gear 40/40 Ammo Holder

    $89.00$98.00 Select options

    The 40/40 Ammo Holder finally provides a secure and quiet way to tote enough ammo for a day of match shooting in all conditions.

  • Armageddon Gear Tripod Caddy (Grey)

    $249.99 Add to cart

    Enhance your shooting experience with the Armageddon Gear Tripod Caddy. Designed to keep your match essentials within reach, this versatile piece of range gear offers a fold-down workspace, multiple compartments, and comes in a sleek grey color.

Armageddon Gear

Armageddon Gear is a brand forged by the practical experiences of former and current Special Operations Soldiers, competition shooters, and patriots. Guided by open minds and years of hands-on experience, Armageddon Gear prides itself on creating simple, efficient, and incredibly durable gear that’s 100% American-made.

In a world filled with disposable products, Armageddon Gear stands tall with a commitment to durable, lasting products that owners can take pride in.

This essense resonates throughout the brand and its practices, marked by a few key pillars:

  • American Pride: Armageddon Gear designs and manufactures all their products right here in the USA, using American materials and employing American craftsmanship of the highest caliber. It’s a brand that truly contributes to the American dream.
  • Durability and Quality: From material selection to construction, every Armageddon Gear product is designed to withstand the rigors of the field and the range, lasting not just for a season, but for generations.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Armageddon Gear stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, offering peace of mind with every purchase.

Why Armageddon Gear?

When you choose Armageddon Gear, you’re choosing American-made durability, practical design, and rugged efficiency. Whether you’re a shooter, hunter, or outdoorsman, Armageddon Gear’s products won’t let you down. Join the Armageddon Gear revolution, and experience the difference in gear that’s designed, manufactured, and backed by a truly patriotic, quality-driven brand.

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