Impact Precision

Impact Precision reflects the integration of modern technology and the demand of modern shooters. This brand came into existence after two shooters, Tate Streater and Wade Stuteville, started trading ideas to improve the experience of any tactical shooter.

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Impact Precision

As per Impact Precision’s tagline, “Made for shooters, by the shooters,” this brand focuses on products that most other companies fail to deliver.

So, what items are available under the Impact Precision’s label? From top-quality barrels to triggers and even bottom metals, you will find all the essentials that can help you enjoy a smooth operation and an excellent shooting experience.

Impact Precision Products

Impact Precision Shooting sells functional, accurate, and reliable actions. With the help of advanced CNC technology, the brand creates products with tight finishes and tolerances. This brand is the top candidate for Precision Rifle Series, and the brand’s shooters have won many national championships.

The actions by Impact Precision are durable, reliable, and accurate. This product is fit for any long range hunter and competition shooter.

Some of the design features of the Impact Precision action include an integral recoil lug, a pic rail of an adequate length, a rough machined receiver, and a bolt body that carries away any dirt. In addition, the bolt body’s smooth bottom portion ensures smooth cycling.

The receiver and bolt races of the actions ensure exacting dimensional tolerances which support the performance in every field condition. Interestingly, the action features a rugged bolt stop design that can conveniently take all degrees of abuse.

One of the good features of the actions is their black carbon nitride finish. This quality enhances the quality of the operation by improving lubricity and surface hardness.

The pre-fit chambered barrels “Impact by Stuteville” are available in different coatings and sizes for today’s competitive shooters like you. You can conveniently install these barrels and win all situations requiring extreme accuracy.

The brand also has a specific section on its online store that displays different types of Manner stocks for sale. All these stocks utilize the TS customs bedding block, which works perfectly for all end users.

Some available Manner stocks include Impact Short Action (737R) and Impact Short Action Manners EH1 (737).

You can also find a variety of accessories and stocks on the brand’s website—for instance, the RRS rails, Picatinny rail, and Anarchy rail. The foundation stocks include Impact 737R, Foundation stocks Revelation, and Centurian, also by Foundation stocks.

Wait, there’s more! Impact Precision also sells a variety of bottom metals and triggers. You can buy a high-quality trigger hanger set at an affordable price.

There is also a wide range of your favorite match rifle. You can purchase the 6mm Creedmoor, 6BR Ackley, and Long Range Hunting rifle as you prefer. All the rifles feature reliable and trusted parts, and all the components are bulletproof.

Finally, Impact Precision also has hunter rings and optics in its product portfolio. These accessories help improve your experience. So, when bought from famous brands, the results of shooting improve manifolds.

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