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Fix It Sticks is a multi tools system or brand that features different torque limiters and other unique specialty tools. In addition, the brand utilizes the T-shape concept to provide you with products that are well-engineered and designed.


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Fix it Sticks

All the products by Fix It Sticks are manufactured in Taiwan and tested and designed in Chicago. You can find different individual items from the brand’s website and can also opt for Holiday Bundles available these days.

Fix-It Sticks Products

Fix-It Sticks sells every small and big necessity you would require, from cycling to shooting kits. For instance, the brand’s All-in-One Torque Driver Kit is a multi-tool pack with a handle wrench, torque driver, adapter set, moulded holder, and a zippered case.

The brand also sells a torque limiter in sizes ranging from 4-inch LBS to 55-inch LBS. You can also buy the Ratcheting T-way wrench with magnetic holders that allow quick loosening and tightening. This torque wrench is perfect for building furniture, motorcycles, and bikes.

There is also a 65, 45, 25 & 15 Inch LBS Kit that stores all the tools. It has four torque limiters with different torque settings, a t-handle wrench, 16 bits, and an adapter set with a socket. You also get a zippered pouch with your own kit.

Another available product is The Works with miniature torque limiters, scraper, tube wrench, bushing tool, different bits, and more tools for your convenience. You can also buy a Pin Punch set, Bubble Level set, and a bit pack as required.

Fix It Sticks also features cycling products. For example, you can buy a Mountain Kit that includes brackets, bits, levers, and a breaker all packed in a carrying case. Separate items such as Cleaning Brush, Chain Breaker, Replaceable Stick, and Bottle Opener are also readily available on Fix It Sticks’ website.

The brand also sells a Cleaning Rod Kit that contains stainless steel precision machined rods, six bore adapters, obstruction tips, and a carrying case. Other shooting accessories available for sale include a Duo case, a Steel Dental Pick, and Brass Hammer Head.

As mentioned above, Fix It Sticks also features Holiday Bundles these days. What do they include?

There are many of these bundles, so for instance, the All-In-One Torque Driver Combo Pack includes an All-In-One Torque Driver kit with its mini version at a reasonable price.

You can also get a bundle of Long Range Kit, a Brass Pin Punch Set, and an 18 bit set, all available at a discounted price.

If you are into buying apparel from the brand’s page, Fix It Sticks has got you covered. There are two different styles of t-shirts available for you to purchase.

One of the good things about this brand is that all its products are customer-focused. For instance, all the torque limiters follow the standard torque values for bolts. In addition, all the Replaceable by Fix It Sticks have magnets that easily hold all the sticks together.

In addition, the torque drivers have easy settings that do not require advanced skills or much time to handle. In short, it is safe to say that Fix It Sticks is a brand for both professionals and unprofessional who require all the basic tools to increase the performance of their equipment.

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