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JJ Rock is a popular brand that manufactures top-quality custom actions, and excellent rifle builds. From competitive shooting to military, this brand is one of the champions of its industry and offers a variety that many companies fail to provide.

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  • JJ ROCK CO. SUPERXL Receiver

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    Right Hand – Right Port

    Single Shot or Repeater

    30, 45, or 60 MOA Scope Base


    Description Of JJ Rock Co. SUPERXL Receiver:

    Receiver is machined from pre-heat-treated 416 stainless steel, and the bolt is NP3 coated and features an interchangeable bolt knob.

    Receiver is multifaceted, and the dimensions are 10.65″ long x 1.65″ wide.

    Receivers are machined with an integral recoil lug and a 30, 45, or 60 MOA picatinny style scope rail.

    ***NOW AVAILABLE*** The SUPERXL Cadex Variant is compatible with the Cadex Dual Strike Chassis.

    1.1875″ x 18 barrel threads are machined 1.8″ deep, providing superior support for longer, heavy barrel contours.

    Receiver uses any Remington 700 style trigger.

    JJ ROCK CO. uses a custom manufactured, NP3 coated, M16 style extractor designed for the large .640″ case-head diameter cartridges.

    JJ ROCK CO.’s dual-point, guided firing pin system provides faster, more consistent lock times for improved accuracy.

    JJ ROCK CO.’s innovative locking lug insert in the receiver is made from an aerospace material which is more than twice as strong than the receiver itself, allowing for a smaller, compact bolt-head design.

    JJ ROCK CO. SUPERXL Actions are available in right-hand, single-shot or repeater versions.

    The SUPERXL Cadex Variant is compatible with Cadex Dual Strike Chassis.

JJ Rock

The brand also manufacturers OEM Actions that feature excellent parts and are also quite effective with their performance. One of the most prominent features of a renowned action by JJ Rock is the unique Stabilized Firing Pin Design. This design focuses on consistent accuracy and greater primer ignition.

JJ Rock is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been operational since 2016. The brand has a variety of items in its product portfolio which we will discuss in detail below.

JJ Rock Products

So what does JJ Rock offer? Starting from actions, the JJ Rock’s SuperXL Receiver is one of the most well-created actions you can purchase at a reasonable rate. This action is made of stainless steel and has a bolt with an NP3 coating.

Moreover, this action is multifaceted and uses a recoil lug and a Picatinny scope rail. What’s more, it has solid barrel threads that provide support to heavy and longer barrel contours.

The JJ Rock SuperXM Receiver uses a Remington 700 trigger and features a custom-designed extractor. One of the best things about this action is that you can get it in repeater, single-shot, and right-hand versions.

The brand also sells the Short Action and Log Action actions. These products come with an alloy steel receiver, recoil lug inserts, and bolt heads that have compliance with nitride finished standards. In addition, both the actions have visible indicators that clearly show the cocked rifles.

These actions have large bolt bodies that can easily work with different standard magazines. The bolts also help to improve locking contact.

JJ Rock Co sells two amazing rifles that you may not find anywhere in the market. If you search the brand’s website, you will find that these rifles can easily utilize different deploy systems and be used for various kinds of shootings.

For instance, the JJR-HRT rifle has a 7.62×51mm Caliber and can go well with JJR-SA action. In addition, this rifle features a Covert Rifle system that stays discrete regardless of the shooter’s skill level.

According to an expert review, the Covert Rifle system by JJ Rock Co is pretty quiet. Moreover, although it is short, the rifle is accurate and collapsible. You can conveniently store the system, which makes it quite hassle-free.

In addition to this, the brand also sells the JJR-375 Carbon rifle. This rifle has two different types of calibers, .375 CheyTac and .375 EnABELR. Moreover, it works perfectly with JJ Rock SuperXL Receiver action.

JJ Rock Co values its customers by bringing innovative designs and a wide variety of firearms that all shooters can easily accept. In addition, all the manufactured products by the brand are both classy and unique, making them useful for various shooting competitions.

You can visit the brand’s Facebook page to learn more about JJ Rock and also go through experiences shared by its loyal customers.

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