Foundation Stocks

Foundation Stocks deal with precision rifle stocks that exhibit great class performance and offer immense support to the overall structure. The company is collectively run by a team of professionals who have years of experience in manufacturing the best stock compatible with other components of a rifle.

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Foundation Stocks

From using a solid composite, a foundation stock is machined in the presence of intense pressure and heat. Combining several layers of resin and other materials helps the brand produce a stock better than the end product of traditional and simple composite stock building processes.

The Foundation stocks are extremely rugged and rigid. Their material can withstand all kinds of pressure, and the original design features unique components that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Foundation Stocks Products

So, what do you find at Foundation stocks? The brand has a variety of short and long action stocks. In addition, the online store also features some accessories and gear, such as Hawkins precision detachable bottom plate, to help you achieve a complete shooting experience.

Before we dig into the details of the most prominent products, here is what you should expect for every stock.

As per the makers, Foundation stocks are made of solid material free of air pockets and voids that you might find in most composite stocks. Secondly, the material’s stability and density help the manufacturers build a rigid and balanced stock. As a result, these stocks don’t require pillars or any bedding like most composite stocks do.

-What’s more? The material used is consistent, stable, and features adequate compression strength. These characteristics allow the makers to build a resilient and durable stock that can easily withstand extreme environments.

In the category of short action stocks, there are five prominent products in the brand’s portfolio. The Exodus model has a forearm with an overall length of 2″.

This stock also features a close grip and the flexibility to perform with or without a bag hook. In addition, you can choose the weight, action inlet, and bottom metal inlets according to your preference.

Another popular precision rifle stock is Centurion. It has a full length flat forearm that measures 2.6”. In addition, its grip resembles another stock, Revelation, which is also well-received by the customers.

There are also some great long action stocks by the brand. For example, the Genesis 2 stock is designed for most mid and long range users. Similarly, the long action stock also caters to such hunters and exhibits a solid structure.

Foundation Stocks also feature some interesting accessories and RRS attachments. For instance, you can buy RRs and arca rail compatible bolts and nuts. In addition, there are adapters, reloading blocks, and short and full length dovetails available for you to buy.

If you are a fan of Foundation Stocks, you can also buy and flaunt caps, shirts, tumblers, and even mugs printed with the brand’s logo. All the products are reasonably priced and designed while keeping user’s comfort in mind.

So, it is safe to say that Foundation stocks are ergonomically designed and offer a perfect platform for a compatible precision rifle. Moreover, as per some testimonials on the brand’s website, these stocks are ideal for competition shooting, and each product features great attention to detail.

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