Bighorn Arms

Bighorn Arms manufactures top-quality custom rifle actions. This brand is a part of Zermatt Arms that exhibits great craftsmanship and class in its every product.

This company is home to different actions and their related accessories. All the products are made of high-quality materials and are durable enough to last for a long time.

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Bighorn Arms

One of the most popular actions by the Bighorn Arms is the Origin Action Deposit. So, what makes this product special?

The Origin action is a well-priced product that is available in both short and long configurations. Besides, this action features an interchangeable bolt head, floating bolt head, Remington style feed lips, and a swept bolt handle. Additionally, some new features include pinned recoil lug, DLC coated bolt heads, and controlled round feed.

It also contains five different types of bolt knobs and a pinned MOA rail. Interestingly, the footprint of the Origin action is quite similar to Remington 700 action.

This makes it easy to install this action in a variety of stocks. Moreover, you can utilize the same trigger configuration as the 700 Remington model.

The Origin action is threaded to specs that are similar to savage small shank threads.

This feature works best for both shouldered barrels and Savage’s pre-fit barrel. Origin actions also have a compatible hinged floor plate and a mechanical ejector.

This action is made of pre hardened Chromoly steel and has a non-integrated recoil lug.

Another amazing action by Bighorn Arms, the Bighorn TL3, has a spiral fluted bolt and a stainless steel finishing. This product is ideal for tactical operators that want to experience perfection in magazine feed.

The SR3 action by Bighorn Arms is also an excellent example of class and durability. This action smartly incorporates features such as pinned recoil lug and mechanical ejector, and floating bold head. In addition, this action is manufactured, keeping the stocks with the hinged floor plate.

If you are an enthusiastic hunter or don’t compromise on quality and accuracy, the SR3 action can be your perfect companion.

There is a major difference between SR3 and TL3 actions. All TL3 actions use either single shot wells, AICS, or AW to cut them. On the other hand, an SR3 action is cut using Remington style feed lips.

The weight of all these actions vary. For instance, the weight of short actions is 28oz, while the long actions weigh 31oz.

You can also purchase the Bighorn Arms accessories from the Zermatt Arms’ website. These include cleverly curated rails, bolt knobs, bolt heads, and firing pins. You can also purchase CRF extractors and screws.

All these accessories are made from long-lasting materials. In addition, they are designed to perfectly suit all kinds of actions which can then help improve your shooting experience.

The Bighorn Arms also sells apparel. If you are a fan of the brand, you can buy different t-shirts and hats with the brand’s logo. All these products are made of high-quality fabric and exhibit excellent stitching.

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