Triad Tactical

Triad Tactical is a USA-based brand that aims to sell top-quality products to hunters and long-range shooters worldwide. The company’s motto, “Buy Once, Cry Once,” highlights each component’s longevity, durability, and life that helps the user enjoy a smooth and safer experience every time.

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Triad Tactical

This company sells a range of products manufactured by Triad Tactical and many other different brands as well. The Triad Tactical’s product portfolio provides all types of basic things you might need to become an excellent shooter, from essential shooting gear to bean bags, tripods, and even books.

Triad Tactical Products

The Kansas-based company manufactures a variety of products on its own. These items include Triad Tapered rear bag, Triad Padded Rifle Sling, Triad Padded Shooting Mat, and even Triad Precision Carry Case.

The brand also manufactures magazine pouches and stock packs sold at different prices. Each bag is made of top-quality material and exhibits excellent stitching.

The padded sling helps carry your rifle in a durable, heavy-duty, and comfortable cover. You can also alter the length of the sling by making length adjustments.

The company also manufactures Triad Ear Pro Wrap, Rifle Ammo Pouch, and a Triad Tactical T-shirts and hats with the brand’s logo. According to individual customer review and feedback, these products work brilliantly for a majority of users in the shooting community.

So, what other brands does the brand support? According to the website and company’s Facebook bio, Triad Tactical sells various new products from most known and even unknown brand.

For instance, there are custom bits set and a torque driver kit by the brand Borka Tools. Triad Tactical also houses shooting gear from Rifles Only and Short Action Precision.

In addition, if you are into basic tools such as an extractor, bolt knob, roller greaser, and bedding fixture, the Triad Tactical’s website has a bunch of these essentials by the brand Badger Ordnance.

There are also some military products such as a mash hook and mag pistol by ITW. The good thing about Triad Tactical is that this brand’s online store is a one-stop-shop for all your shooting accessories. You can also find the Tab Gear’s Biathlon Sling, Pinnacle Rifle Sling, and Rear Bag to give you a complete field experience.

If you are a fan of Kestrel Meters, Triad Tactical also sells various meters from the brand. You can find your preferred meter under one roof from a blue Krestel 1000 to Krestel 5700 Elite.

The Tactical Intervention Specialists is known for cuff slings, rifle straps, slip cuffs, mash hooks, and swivel sets. You can find all these products and more at Triad Tactical’s website.

If you want to buy some data books, logbooks, and data book covers, Triad Tactical also sells a few of these as accessories.

Triad Tactical Inc. ships items to customers living within and outside the USA. Each product comes with its own warranty period, and the brand is more than available to support all kinds of customer complaints regarding any damages and replacements.

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